Written byAdina Minculescu

The UK's Gambling Act 2005 

Gambling in Great Britain can be traced back to the aristocracies; no odds, cashbacks, bonus spins, or bookmakers were involved — the only options were simple bets on binary outcomes. Five centuries on, the erstwhile taboo pastime has evolved beyond all recognition. Legislative efforts have shaped its course, with notable laws such as the Gaming […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

Visually Impaired Casino Players - The Only Full Guide

When gambling, one has to pay attention to a lot of things. With visual impairments, someone might have a difficult time doing that without help. First, you need to keep your eye on the prize, then on the cards/dice/ball, then know the lucky number/s and prepare for the next round. Let’s explore how a visually […]

Written byAdina Minculescu

4 Steps To Check A UK Casino License | A Step-By-Step Expert Guide

The UK casino license sets the tone for how safe your gambling experience will be. Choose smart with our expert list of casinos and learn to spot the best ones! What is a UK casino license? How to check a UK casino license UKGC – the ultimate licensing authority in the UK How we choose […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

The UK's Strict Gambling Age Limits Fully Explained

In a world where the thrill of the gamble is just a click away, the issue of underage gambling has never been more pressing. With countless studies shedding light on its profound effects, our journey today takes us deep into the heart of UK’s gambling age laws. Why? To unravel the significance of adhering to […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

What makes online casinos rigged? An A-to-Z guide.

We’ve seen a lot of gambling websites over the years and found a fair share of online casino scams. The UK market has an efficient regulatory authority, but different casino scams can slip through sometimes. Inexperienced players are the most vulnerable to scams; that’s why we made this guide. By following these guidelines, you will […]

Written byElena Buzincu

Casino Fairness and Transparency in the UK

Fairness and transparency are key aspects of online casinos in the United Kingdom. But what do these actually mean, and who is in charge of verifying the fairness of gambling platforms and casino games? Find out all you need to know about it and what you can look for yourself when choosing a new gambling […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

Debit and credit card fraud – what to do if it happens to you

Anyone can fall victim to debit and credit card scams! In 2020, in collaboration with the police, the United Kingdom banking industry managed to stop £1.6 billion of unauthorized fraud losses and £45.3 million from scams. The industry-funded Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit arrested over 100 fraudsters. In the last year alone, a UK […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

Can a UK casino refuse to pay out?

Navigating the world of online casinos can be an exhilarating experience, but it’s not without its challenges. One such challenge is the possibility of a casino refusing to pay out winnings, a scenario that can leave players feeling frustrated and uncertain. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the reasons why a casino might refuse […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

Can casinos ban players? What can you do if you got banned?

Getting banned from a casino is a situation no player wants to find themselves in. Whether it’s due to a misunderstanding or intentional breach of terms, being barred from playing can be frustrating and disheartening. However, it’s essential to understand why casinos implement bans and what actions can lead to them. In this comprehensive guide, […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

Online Casino Cancelled Your Bonus? See Why

There are cases in which online casinos in the United Kingdom can cancel your bonus. Our gambling experts are here to clarify these situations for you, help you navigate it if it happens to you, and guide you towards avoiding it. Common reasons for bonus cancellation Other technical motives How to avoid having your bonus […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

KYC Verification: How to do it

KYC identity verification is an essential part of online gambling. Our leading industry experts have compiled a thorough guide that describes the process and all the casino KYC requirements and policy. This is what the British gambler needs to know about the procedure! Unlocking the Importance of Casino KYC Verfications Learn How It’s Done: Quick […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

Solve 90% Of UK Casino Disputes - Complete Expert Guide

Have an unresolved issue with an online casino? Navigating casino disputes and complaints can be confusing, but with the right knowledge, UK players can successfully resolve problems. Over 35% of disputes have a negative outcome because players don’t follow all the possible steps. This guide clearly outlines the dispute resolution process – from initial complaint […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

Casino Player Rights and Obligations Explained & Updated in July 2024

We compiled a complete and comprehensive guide to the rights and obligations of UK gamblers and casinos. Our contributors looked at the present laws, and guidelines for the British iGaming industry. Letting you know what you can and cannot do on UK casinos is our obligation as casino advisors, and we will do just that: […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

UKGC Regulations Explained

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the UKGC for short is the regulatory body that ensures safe play at a UK online casino. Our expert team knows everything about how it works. We gathered crucial details about it in this guide, for you to understand who’s behind your casino safety net. How the UKGC assists […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

UK Online Casino: How They Work, Organise, and Operate

Close to 50% of Brits gamble at least once every few weeks. Most of this gaming is done online. But how do online casino websites work? We did a complete study! Our team of experts put together this analysis after multiple weeks of research. We have combined our past experience with current trends, technology, software, […]

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