Tudor Turiceanu

CEO & Chief Editor

Tudor Turiceanu uses his multiple systematic skillsets to oversee and coordinate the CasinoAlpha project. He assists the authors in creating a transparent gambling niche for users. As a CEO and Chief Editor with broad knowledge, Tudor knows the importance of transmitting confident advice.


Gambling expertise

Gambling Legislation, Live Roulette, Slots, Gambling Addiction


Law Bachelor Degree


Spiru Haret University

Gambling Experience

+14 years

Other Areas of Expertise

Betting Strategies, Online Casinos Regulation

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15 articles

Meet our CEO, Tudor Turiceanu

Tudor Turiceanu is the CEO of CasinoAlpha and the Chief Editor of our author team. He coordinates the gambling-related texts and audits made for keeping the pages updated and relevant for our audience. He is the one who manages our editorial priorities and tailors the pages to fit your needs as well as engaging the team in showing their personal expertise on each individual case. His way of working is focused on team growth and adding value to the final products we present for UK gamblers.

Proved expertise in gambling

Tudor Turiceanu has over 14 years of experience in gambling, being particularly knowledgeable in table games like Roulette, and subsequent game strategies, winning odds, and budgeting techniques. He uses his wide bank of knowledge in the service of online casino players, guiding them through the dos and don’ts and allowing them to be prepared for the possible outcomes. Since he started coordinating gambling projects, he got familiar with gambling legislation, casino traps in the T&Cs and shortcuts for avoiding any high-level risks.

Tudor Turiceanu's background and skills

Tudor Turiceanu is a Law School graduate with a wide array of experience under his belt. He holds strong points in gambling legislation and high-tech software and works his way through innovative, user-prone solutions. His vision directs the products of CasinoAlpha and can be seen in the open and clear way our authors write and review the posted analyses.

Tudor Turiceanu's Main Goals at CasinoAlpha

CasinoAlpha UK is the main project and the project with the most experience when it comes to online casino reviews and comparisons. Tudor Turiceanu takes this experience built through the years and applies it on the Irish, New Zealand and Romanian markets as well. Thus, CasinoAlpha is a multifaceted and versatile tool for gamblers all over the world.

CasinoAlpha’s to do list:

  • Present a complete index of online casinos and add to the database of up-to-date casino bonuses they entail.
  • Giving a source of free educational materials on gambling laws, rules, strategies, and protection techniques when it comes to balanced gambling and a good budget.
  • Allowing online players to have independence over their gambling choices and full control of their time and money spent.
  • Pushing a more transparent approach to online casino reviews, aimed at maintaining a cleaner industry overall, thus making it safer for online gamblers.
  • Bringing awareness on issues pertaining to player safety, especially shielding minors from gambling products and educating parents and guardians on useful protection techniques.

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