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Since forever a student of life and writer at his core, he loves to gamble on football matches in his spare time. Combining the art of prediction and a rigorously trained intuition, he has joined the iGaming world to promote a responsible and data-driven approach to sports betting.


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First steps into the gambling world

It all started with a football match of his national team. They lost 0-1 in extra time, but instead of rage, he felt something else. It was like he knew this would happen all along, having noticed the wobbly feet of the players from the second half onwards. This feeling had planted a seed of curiosity and excitement. Was it possible to regularly predict the outcome of a sports event? This simple question grew into a preoccupation with enhancing a prediction and making it more accurate, which led to an interest in statistics and data analysis. Since then, he has continually perfected this method and applied it to sports betting, with positive results. Now, as a self-taught expert, he has come to share his insights with the gambling world and promote a data-driven approach to betting.

All too human

While gambling represents a significant part of his daily routine, it was not always like this. With a background in Philosophy, the author has trained his mind with complex ideas before joining the players’ club. The scattered mind and passion for reading obscure philosophy remain still, but they slowly develop into a need to put the learning into practice. This aside, he is nostalgic for times he never lived in and loves cats.

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