Written byAdela Mariuta

Environment for Individuals Recovering From Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a real condition and can be a tough subject for all kinds of UK players. If you have a friend or relative you frequently play wager games with, you probably haven’t noticed how long your gaming sessions are. It’s really easy to lose track of time when playing online or in a […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

Is Gamblers Anonymous Worth It?

Gambling addiction affects millions of people. Gamblers Anonymous could be part of the solution, and here is what you need to know about it. What is Gamblers Anonymous? Gamblers Anonymous is a recovery program and a support system for those struggling with problem gambling and gambling addiction. It works similarly to the very popular Alcoholics […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

Activities to Defeat Gambling Addiction and Naturally Increase Dopamine

We have researched ways and activities to help you deal with gambling addiction and increase your natural dopamine intake. We have found 18 key actions you should follow if you want to quit an addicting habit, gambling or otherwise. Once you implement these changes and stick to them, you will lead a normal and healthier […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

Gamblock Review & How to Install Guide

With 3 out of 5 players wrestling with the snares of gambling addiction, the stakes have never been higher for safe gambling in the digital era. That’s why our in-depth Gamblock review ventures beyond mere functionality to dissect how this pioneering software stands as a reliable ally against the lure of online gambling. We delve […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

How to stop gambling addiction - Advice from gambling experts

You can stop gambling addiction by using various methods, including some that you can apply yourself and some that include professional help. Keep on reading to find out more about gambling addiction, what you can do to stop it, who can help you, and what to do if a loved one is dealing with it! […]

Written byTudor Turiceanu

Check if you in denial of a gambling problem & next steps

Denial is mostly every time a feature of compulsive or addictive behaviour. Thus, it may be problematic for you to acknowledge that you have a problem, as Mayo Clinic affirms in its Compulsive Gambling piece. Therefore, we have created a set of questions also used by specialists to help you acknowledge if you or a […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

Complete guide to self-exclusion

Our complete self-exclusion guide contains a step-by-step walkthrough of how to activate this feature, along with other helpful information about it. Whether you are a problem gambler or simply want to know more about this prevention tool, you will find everything you need here. What is casino self-exclusion? It is the process that restrains players […]

Written byElena Buzincu

How to Stay in Control of Gambling & Play Responsibly

More than 23% of gamblers will face the risk of addiction if they don’t manage their habit properly. Problem gambling transforms casino activities from entertainment to a series of real-life burdens. Our iGaming experts completed a market-wide analysis regarding safe and responsible gambling. Scroll down to discover their findings and recommendations for online gamblers in […]

Written byAdina Minculescu

GAMSTOP Self-Exclusion Service: Full Guide for UK Players

As gambling’s downsides become more apparent, tools like GAMSTOP allow players to step back when needed. This guide explains everything about the GAMSTOP self-exclusion service – how it works, its effectiveness, its limitations, and why it’s an essential responsible gambling safeguard. What is GAMSTOP? How can you reach GAMSTOP? How GAMSTOP Works & Why it […]

Written byIoana Nutulescu

How to Prevent Children Gambling Addiction

You can prevent or overcome your child’s gambling addiction with the right app, support institution, or therapy scheme. Use our guide to pick your best options! Use a top UK gambling control app UK parents should watch out for these Seek professional support Who Can Reach Out to UK Addiction Treatment Centres? Provide emotional support […]

Written byTudor Turiceanu

Compulsive gambling: Consequences & Advice

A lot of changes take place in your brain every time you engage in any gambling activities. Learn from our experts what these changes are, how they affect you in the short and long term, and how your brain gets addicted to gambling! Your brain chemistry while gambling How gambling affects your perception The casino […]

Written byTudor Turiceanu

UK Responsible Gambling Institutions | Find A Specialist That Can Help You

We created this guide for all the people wishing to know more about problem gambling and overcome it. We provide the questions you need to answer If you have concerns about your habit, we put together a reliable gambling addiction quiz, which may help you assess yourself. Note your answers to have a reliable result. […]

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