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Elena is here to help players make their best gambling decisions. She already has a vast understanding of what gamblers are looking for and what this industry is about, but she knows there’s much more to discover. Maybe someday she will travel to Asia to learn about that unique gambling scene too.


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UKGC Laws, Return to Player, Responsible Gambling


Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Letters


University of Bucharest

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4 years

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Online slots, terms and conditions

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Get to know Elena

She is eternally in love with the sea and the beach, unique outfits and, of course, writing. She likes to lose herself in the books that she reads, and when she is passionate about something, you can really see it. She dreams about travelling to Asia, and she will try weird foods at least once.

Why gambling?

Elena is a curious person, and she wanted to understand what gambling is like. She tried various casino games because she wanted to know what others feel when they play. She realised that this whole industry is very well organised and so complex.

Her desire to be at the starting point, not the receiving end, came true. She gathered plenty of experience, travelled to conferences, took courses, and had endless meetings to understand what players want. Now not only she offers almost what they are looking for, but she enjoys educating and instructing the gambler to make the best decision.

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Casino Fairness and Transparency in the UK

Fairness and transparency are key aspects of online casinos in the United Kingdom. But what do these actually mean, and who is in charge of verifying the fairness of gambling platforms and casino games? Find out all you need to know about it and what you can look for yourself when choosing a new gambling site!

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How to Stay in Control of Gambling & Play Responsibly

More than 23% of gamblers will face the risk of addiction if they don’t manage their habit properly. Problem gambling transforms casino activities from entertainment to a series of real-life burdens. Our iGaming experts completed a market-wide analysis regarding safe and responsible gambling.

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