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Adina’s analytical way of thinking is what gamblers need to understand the casino market. With her expertise in this niche combined with her studies in linguistic typology and hermeneutics, you will get the essential help to make informed financial decisions. Let her be your reliable guide!


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Gambling Strategies, Gambling Responsible & Addiction Topics


Master’s degree in East Asian Studies


University of Bucharest, FLLS

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+3 years

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Online Casino & Bonus Analysis, Translating Legislation Matters

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31 articles

The real person behind the gambling voice

Adina is known for her passion for travelling and interacting with different persons from different cultures. She believes that by communicating with individuals who come from various backgrounds and learning from their experiences and life lessons, she can grow as everyone has something valuable to teach. This is what inspired her to academically learn the Japanese language and further pursue the Korean language. She likes to take risks and face the fear of uncertainty, no matter the outcome.

A small voice changing the Gambling Industry

Adina’s interaction with the iGaming industry started when she first joined our team three years ago. The struggle she had with the lack of transparency in this domain made her understand the importance of our mission to change this world by helping others with clear and straightforward information.

Thanks to her knowledge of different mentalities from different cultures combined with the acquired expertise on the gambler’s profile, she can understand what users need to provide them with their necessities. The idea of a gambling world where every user has the possibility to make a confident financial decision is what Adina strives for, and she will not stop until her voice is heard.

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