Written byMihnea Mosneagu

Understanding Boku Functionalities in Online Casinos

It is common practice today to find the best online casinos providing diverse payment methods. One mobile payment method that seems to have revolutionized the way of depositing at casinos today is Boku. This article is dedicated to revealing what it entails, how it works and some of the pros and cons associated with using […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

How to Pick Winning Slot Games: Myths vs Facts in 2024

Will slots pay more if you play at night? Will you win if you change the bet size often? If your game didn’t pay in a while, is it a sure win if you keep playing? More than 90% of UK slot players don’t know the real answers to these questions. Keep reading and discover […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

How to Expertly Identify the Best Value Casino Bonuses

Did you know bonus funds are now standard in UK online casinos? The younger the operator, the more aggressively it offers the best UK casino bonuses! According to industry research, the online casino bonus makes up about 20% to 30% of the operator’s GGR to sustain its marketing. The result is a wide array of […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

Boku Deposits: Instant Funding for your Casino Account

Since the advent of payment methods like Boku, the mode of processing online transactions has taken a different turn. Before Boku, most of the available payment options at the best online casinos were cards and e-wallets. With Boku, making deposits is just as easy as charging it on your phone bill. What is Boku and […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

Can Gambling Ruin My Credit Score? Experts Have The Answer

Online gambling is a popular pastime for many people. However, it’s important to understand how gambling can impact your credit score. Your credit score is a key factor that lenders use to determine your creditworthiness. A poor credit score can negatively affect your ability to get loans or credit cards. So can gambling actually ruin […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

How to cancel PayForIt payments for online casino deposits

PayForIt is one of the most convenient payment service providers in the United Kingdom. It’s convenient and stress-free since you charge online payments against your mobile phone credit. Our author, Adela Mariuta along with our editor, Adina Minculescu came up with a plan to teach you how to cancel PayForIt payments, as well as present […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

How to Withdraw Winnings With Skrill

If you are an avid fan of the best online casinos, Skrill is one payment option you will most likely find across a wide range of online casino sites. Although some UK sites refuse Skrill cash out for no deposit bonus offers, they still accept it for regular play.  Founded in 2001, Skrill has grown […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

What Happen When You Open Multiple Gambling Accounts

Opening more than one account has become a common trend among gamblers. However, this action is frowned upon by casino operators and could get you on their blacklist or even worse. In this article, Casino Alpha’s authors, Adela Mariuta & Adina Minculescu, take a deep dive into multiple account openings and its legality. You Can Open […]

Written byAdina Minculescu

Best Types of Online Casino Bonuses Explained

Not being familiar with the best types of casino bonuses could cause major harm to your winnings at a casino. There are tons of different casino offers these days, so much so that it can often be challenging to understand precisely what is what, especially if you are a new player. Luckily, our expert team […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

Must-Try Online Slot Strategies and How to Use Them Effectively

Many gamblers fail and lose all their funds due to not understanding slot machines as they do. As expert gamblers ourselves, we have acquired quite a bit of knowledge throughout our 7+ years of experience, including the best strategies to use as pro gamblers. Our Secret for Beating the Casino Odds: Go Slow and Steady  […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

Be in Top 10% Players That Know How to Use Free Spins

Are you tired of losing your free spins bonus funds because you play random games with them? Every time you claim free spins bonuses you are risking your advantage, which is why our experts present to you the smart ways to choose where to spend your free spins bonuses. What Are Free Spins And Why […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

The role of responsible gambling features at online casinos

At Casino Alpha, we only recommend casinos with strict responsible gaming policies to protect the safety and security of UK players. Responsible gambling features are important as they prevent gaming abuse issues that can lead to problem gambling. We will unpack what those features are and the reasons behind them, and hopefully help players discover […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

How to Determine Your Casino Bonus's True Value

Generally, the bonuses’ worth can be easily determined by their value. In our experts’ guide, you will find other factors you should consider, like the deposit value and the wagering requirement. CasinoAlpha’s Strategy for Bonus Calculation Our experts advise UK players to take into consideration the following factors: Identify Your Player Profile: it is important […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

How To Delete Gambling Accounts In UK

Deciding to close your online casino account is a significant step, whether due to personal reasons or a need for responsible gambling. This guide outlines the process to assist you in terminating your account efficiently. From understanding common reasons for closure to navigating the various closure types, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge […]

Written byIoana Nutulescu

Advanced Sic Bo Rules & Betting Schemes: In-depth Guide

Sic Bo rules include using betting schemes to predict the outcome of dice rolls while optimizing the odds of your wagers. The most essential Sic Bo rules for each game variant you need The house edge and odds of specific bets included in betting schemes The Sic Bo betting schemes you should choose depending on […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid at Online Casinos

CasinoAlpha experts warn against the 10 common mistakes that can cost you more than you expect at online casinos. We also show how to avoid them easily. 1. Registering with Fake Details 2. Choosing the Wrong Casino 3. Not Knowing your Limits 4. Choosing the Wrong Bonuses 5. Not Reading the Terms & Conditions 6. […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

How To Use Low Deposit Casino Bonuses Efficiently

We’ll explain how to make the most of low deposit casino bonuses and give you a list of recommendations for casinos with such bonuses.  All Types Of Low Minimum Deposit Bonuses How Do You Spot a Low Deposit Bonus? Ways To Use Low Deposit Offers Why Should You Claim Low Deposit Bonuses? Who Should Claim […]

Written byElena Buzincu

Low-Risk Sic Bo Play: Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to navigate the world of Sic Bo with confidence and minimal risk. Our guide covers everything from understanding basic rules to selecting the most effective bets for your game style and budget. Discover how to analyze odds and choose the variant with the most profitable house edge, ensuring smarter gameplay and better outcomes. […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

Casino Bonus Policies that Impact Your Odds

This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the wagering requirements. We will review how to read a bonus policy, determine which conditions affect your odds, and compute your expected odds. Which Bonus Terms Affect Your Odds? How to Calculate Your Expected Odds How to Read a Bonus Policy Should You Go for The Biggest […]

Written byElena Buzincu

Exotic Bets: The Tier Roulette Bet

We are here to introduce tier roulette bets to seasoned and inexperienced British gamblers. The article will examine all relevant details, including principles, prospective payouts, and techniques. Let’s see which bets are the most common in the best gambling platforms in the UK and what advantages you can get from using specific techniques. Short introduction […]

Written byMihnea Mosneagu

Easy Ways To Check If a Casino Bonus Is Worth It

Choosing a casino bonus can be tricky as many enticing options exist. So, how do you know when to claim or skip an offer? See our expert’s opinions and tips to picking the right bonus and calculating the real bonus value or overall worth. Are All Casino Bonuses Worth Claiming? No Deposit Bonus Checklist Explained […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

Spot Hidden Casino Bonus Terms Easily

Casinos commonly use bonuses to entice new participants and maintain the interest of the existing ones. However, you must always check the T&C for each bonus to know your benefits. Can Online Casino Hide Terms From You? Are You Eligible To Open A Casino Account? The Wagering Contribution Agenda Game You Are Allowed To Play […]

Written byIoana Nutulescu

Sic Bo Odds Explained

This CasinoAlpha guide breaks down how the house edge and potential payouts impact the odds in Sic Bo. Learn the Sic Bo probability of winning with different bets to make informed, strategic decisions when playing Sic Bo online or in person. Understanding the Sic Bo house edge for each bet type is key to maximising […]

Written byIoana Nutulescu

How to Play Sic Bo for Beginners

In Sic Bo, you bet on the outcome of rolled dice. Our guide explains the complex betting strategies, layout & game etiquette step by step for beginners. Sic Bo is a dice game popular in online casinos and land-based venues. The basic rules include players betting on possible outcomes, then waiting for the dealer to […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

Raise Your Live Casino Odds in 7 Steps | Full Guide

Live dealer lobbies are UK high rollers’ choice for flexible betting limits and high benefits. Our experts explain live dealer play & how to raise your winning odds. What Are Live Dealer Casinos? Live Casino Etiquette: How to Interact with Dealers and Other Players Common Mistakes to Avoid At Live Dealer Tables Live Dealer Providers […]

Written byAdela Mariuta

Pick the Best Casino Deposits & Withdrawal Payment Methods

Top UK payment providers for casino deposits & withdrawals, like Visa or PayPal, significantly improve your gambling. Pick the right services with our expert tips. 3 Steps to Pick The Best Online Casino Deposit Methods Payment Providers for Casino Deposits Recommended by Experts 3 Steps to Pick The Best Online Casino Withdrawal Methods Payment Methods […]

Written byIoana Nutulescu

10 Tips by CasinoAlpha Experts on How to Pick Safe Online Casinos

In today’s online casino landscape, security is paramount. With numerous options available, it’s essential to find trusted sites that safeguard your finances, data, and overall well-being. Our guide offers 10 expert tips to help you navigate this complex terrain with confidence. Each tip is carefully curated to cover every aspect of finding a reputable online […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

7 Roulette Number Prediction Methods Deciphered

Despite Einstein’s assertion that predicting roulette outcomes is impossible, a staggering 60% of players still search for ways to crack the code. Our guide attempts to make the impossible more possible by diving into the world’s most popular roulette prediction methods, offering insights and strategies to enhance your understanding of this classic casino game. Discover […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

For Your Eyes Only - Inside Tips for Using James Bond Roulette Strategy

Live and let die by luck? Not James Bond. 007 relied on smarts, and so can you. The infamous spy devised a clever roulette system using math to cover over 60% of the wheel. By splitting his bet, Bond dramatically shifted the odds in his favour. Now you can too. This short guide breaks down […]

Written byAnca Iamandi

Reverse Martingale Explained - Betting Smart in Roulette

Forget doubling down after losses in roulette casinos. The Reverse Martingale system flips the script, instructing you to double bets after wins instead. This clever positive progression strategy allows you to ride hot streaks to higher potential payouts, but it also protects your bankroll by reverting to your base bet after a loss. Intrigued? This […]

Written byCosmin Brehoi

Baccarat House Edge for All Bets and Versions

The casino takes a percentage of all bets placed on Baccarat, whether played in online casinos or in person. This percentage is known as the Baccarat house edge, house advantage Baccarat, or Baccarat odds. The house edge is the inherent mathematical advantage that casinos have in Baccarat, ensuring they profit in the long run. To […]

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