Editorial Policy

Players are our top priority at CasinoAlpha UK! We want you to trust us whenever you are faced with a gambling decision. Since we cannot look over your shoulder when you’re playing or researching, we decided to bring a high level of transparency to our products. Let’s see how we do this!

Our mission

CasinoAlpha’s main mission is to provide helpful information to all British players that will guide them in their gambling experience.

There are two main things we want to save: time and money.

The research and review work done by jsd-coffee.com experts translates into less precious time spent by you figuring out each casino website and making wiser and more informed financial decisions. We want to pass on our knowledge gathered in more than 6 years in the gambling market and, so, help you reach a better gambling experience.

Our vision

All our content is user-oriented. CasinoAlpha’s main goal is to build a gambling hub for British players through:

  • Unbiased and comprehensive analysis of the best UK online casinos and bonuses;
  • Educational content regarding problem gambling and the signs that can help identify it before it becomes harder to resolve it;
  • Advice on how to manage casino budgets wisely;
  • iGaming articles about the latest innovations, controversial topics, unanswered questions of the domain;
  • UK legislation explained in a user-friendly manner.

Editorial principles

The four main editorial principles at jsd-coffee.com are:

  • Accurate research;
  • Helpful and unbiased view;
  • Fact-checked content;
  • Keeping everything up-to-date.


Another CasinoAlpha UK principle is editorial independence. The content published on the website is not influenced in any way by our paid partnerships. We have strict rules for deals and negotiations and our casino partners cannot pay us to change the results of our research and tests.

Accurate research

Research is crucial and can seriously affect the overall quality and accuracy of any piece of content. This is the reason why CasinoAlpha’s experts spend an average of 2-3 hours only on research, to be able to distinguish between valid and inaccurate sources.

We include these sources in our content, usually at the bottom of the page, in case you want to read further on a specific topic.

Helpful and unbiased view

Since CasinoAlpha UK experts are players themselves, they know exactly which steps you need to take throughout your entire casino experience.

They also predict the type of issues you might encounter along the way and offer tips and recommendations along the way. Moreover, our team draws attention to the aspects that may further impact your financial life in a negative way, for example, unknown fees, the impossibility of withdrawal, any liability clauses in case of bankruptcy, and so on.

Our entire content is structured in such a way that UK players can easily understand how a casino site works and how to navigate through it. We give on-point indications and applicable recommendations to make you more aware of each casino experience.

Moreover, we present our experience as it is, with pros and cons, from an objective standpoint.

At the end of the day, our goal is to help you gather all the details you need about a casino in order to make an informed decision on whether to play there or not.

Fact-checked content

Every piece of content you see posted on jsd-coffee.com has been double-checked by our expert team to correspond with reality.

Whenever our reviewers start a new research process, they look for trustworthy sources and select the information that is most relevant to users. For example, in case of reviews, they read the T&Cs from top to bottom, resume the information and trace any discrepancy or lack of transparency.

As for guides or blog posts, they look for well-known studies and recent statistics developed by reputable companies in the field.

Keeping everything up-to-date

Since our experts are always on the lookout for the latest updates and changes in the UK gambling industry, the content we display on the website maintains its evergreen character.

This applies not only to guides and blog posts, but also to casino reviews. Even though a casino was checked once and posted on our website, this doesn’t mean we leave it as it is! Our experts constantly re-check each UK online casino and update the review with notable changes and valuable information.

Our audience

Our audience always takes center stage in jsd-coffee.com reviews, guides or blog posts!

The team of experts gathers the information and structures it according to the players’ needs. Moreover, with the help of other buttons, carefully displayed within pages (filters, drop-down sections), you will be able to read additional facts and sort through the information you actually need.


CasinoAlpha encourages its UK players to interact with the expert team through the ‘comments’ section, at the bottom of each review/blog post/ guide. We are more than happy to hear your opinions and even implement the suggestions and recommendations you may have.

How CasinoAlpha works for you

CasinoAlpha UK has a team of experts that researches, evaluates, creates and publishes every piece of content you see here!

We raise the standard for all features:

  • Content accuracy;
  • Visual aids;
  • Readability;
  • Usability;
  • Safety.

Here is what type of content you’ll find here and how it helps you!

Casino reviews & bonuses

All UK online casinos and bonuses posted on our website must go through a series of checks performed by our team of experts. They write down their experience with that particular casino, any issues they encountered and make recommendations for both beginner and professional British players.

Educational guides

Think about this section as a small encyclopedia of gambling-related articles. This is the place where we strive to educate our readers on 3 major aspects:

  • UK legislation;
  • Responsible gambling;
  • Gambling strategies.

CasinoAlpha’s goal is to offer you our insights into the gambling industry so that you are aware, at any step of the way, of your rights and obligations, as a gambler.

Blog posts

In this final section, you’ll find the latest updates in the gambling industry, from studies and reports to news and well-known trends.