The Most Popular Apps in America

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Whether you’re team iPhone or team Android, chances are you use a bunch of apps every day. They’re like the Swiss Army knives of our phones, providing us with all sorts of handy tools and access to people and media like we’ve never experienced before! From tracking our fitness gains to binge-watching our favorite shows on the fly, and cranking up the volume on our favorite jams while on the move, it seems like there’s an app for everything.

So, as National Telephone Day rolls around, we figured it’s prime time to uncover which apps are the real MVPs in the good ol’ USA. Armed with a Chat GPT account and tapping into the latest AI wizardry, we set out to uncover America’s top 10 phone apps. Using the digital social media analysis tool Brandwatch, we also dove headfirst into the online buzz to see which ones had everyone talking over the past year. And now, drumroll please, it’s time to reveal America’s ultimate mobile app heroes!

What are the 10 most popular apps in America?

From social media to dedicated entertainment services, it’s safe to say we Americans love our mainstream apps, as you’ll soon see below:

1. X (Twitter)

Landing firmly at the top spot, we’ve got the app formerly known as Twitter (now X for those living under a rock during Elon Musk’s big move), racking up an astonishing 8,610,677,324 mentions online over the past year. Despite Musk’s shake-up causing some folks to hit the road, Twitter still reigns supreme in our lineup. Whether all this buzz is a result of love or hate is still anyone’s guess.

2. YouTube

Right on Twitter’s tail (though two billion is a whole lot), we’ve got the beloved online entertainment powerhouse, YouTube, clocking in at 6,662,589,098 mentions online in the past year. With its vast library of content, from DIY tutorials to nostalgic Vine compilations, YouTube’s popularity is as expected as a classic American diner on a Sunday morning. Since its launch in 2005, it’s been the go-to spot for just about anything you could want to watch online, solidifying its place in the digital hall of fame.

3. Netflix

Netflix, the reigning champ of online streaming, has evolved leaps and bounds from its origins as a simple DVD rental site. It’s now a digital juggernaut, raking in a whopping 4,292,498,175 online mentions in the past year alone. And let’s face it, there’s a darn good reason for all that chatter. With a colossal content library and a reputation as the go-to spot for new releases, Netflix has cemented its status as the ultimate destination for binge-worthy entertainment.

4. TikTok

Well, brace yourselves because it’s here: landing in 4th place, we’ve got the shiny new kid on the block – TikTok. Clocking in at a cool 3,280,703,172 mentions over the past year, this platform’s meteoric rise is certainly impressive. From bite-sized meme madness to juicy celebrity gossip, TikTok’s got it all, and it’s no wonder it’s becoming as common as a slice of apple pie on everyone’s phones, USA included.

5. Facebook

Taking the fifth spot is none other than the OG of social media, Facebook, now under the Meta umbrella. With a whopping 2,989,819,183 online mentions in the past year, it’s clear that this platform still holds a special place in the hearts of many users.

While it may have faced some stiff competition from newer platforms, Facebook’s loyal fanbase remains intact, likely fueled by the buzz surrounding the rising interest in the Metaverse. It seems like Mark Zuckerberg’s empire isn’t ready to fade into the digital sunset just yet.

6. Amazon

Sliding into sixth place is the retail behemoth Amazon, with a hefty 2,183,508,190 mentions across the web in the past year. With practically everyone tapping into their services daily, it’s hardly shocking to see them in the top rankings. Let’s face it, the convenience of ordering whatever you desire with next-day delivery at your fingertips is the kind of tech wizardry that’s universally appreciated!

7. Instagram

Securing the seventh spot is Twitter’s age-old rival and Gen Z’s social media darling, Instagram, flaunting an impressive 2,001,071,941 online mentions over the past year. With its iconic reels and unparalleled ability to connect friends across the globe, Instagram has cemented its place in the digital landscape. It’s a platform where memories are shared, trends are born, and friendships thrive. And let’s be real, its popularity knows no bounds, spanning from sea to shining sea across the USA and beyond.

8. WhatsApp

Making staying connected a breeze, WhatsApp seamlessly combines the best features of messenger chat into one handy app. It’s no wonder it racked up a hefty 1,787,069,339 online mentions in the past year. In a world where staying in touch with loved ones is paramount, WhatsApp shines as the go-to platform. Whether it’s sharing updates with family or shooting the breeze with friends, WhatsApp keeps us all connected.

9. Spotify

Claiming the 9th spot is the music lover’s paradise, Spotify. With a staggering 919,785,784 online mentions in the past year, it’s clear that this platform strikes a chord with listeners worldwide. Whatever your musical taste, Spotify has got you covered, serving up tunes from every genre imaginable. It’s a virtual jukebox that’s revolutionized the way we groove to our favorite beats.

10. Zoom

Zoom secures the 10th position with a staggering 897,955,173 online mentions in the past year. As the go-to platform for virtual meetings, Zoom has become synonymous with remote communication in today’s digital age. Gone are the days of stuffy conference rooms and lengthy commutes! Whether it’s catching up with colleagues, attending virtual classes, or hosting family reunions, Zoom has revolutionized the way we connect across distances.

Celebrating National Telephone Day

As we wrap up this epic popularity showdown inspired by National Telephone Day, let’s not forget to celebrate this underrated national holiday with a bang. Here are a few ideas to get the party started:

  • Dial up a friend – In a world where texting rules supreme, why not dust off that old-school phone etiquette and actually make a call? Take this day as the perfect excuse to ring up a buddy and shoot the breeze.
  • Retro gaming revival – Remember the good ol’ days of Snake and Bounce? Dive into nostalgia by downloading these classic phone games from the app store or hunting them down online. It’s time to show the newbies how it’s done.
  • Phone history crash course – Take a quick break from your daily grind and spend a few minutes learning about the fascinating history of the telephone. You’ll be amazed at how this revolutionary invention changed the world as we know it.
  • Time for an upgrade – Still rocking that ancient iPhone 5? It’s high time to join the modern era and treat yourself to a shiny new device. Who knows, you might even snag a sweet deal while you’re at it.

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