Advanced Sic Bo Rules & Betting Schemes: In-depth Guide

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Sic Bo rules include using betting schemes to predict the outcome of dice rolls while optimizing the odds of your wagers.

  • The most essential Sic Bo rules for each game variant you need
  • The house edge and odds of specific bets included in betting schemes
  • The Sic Bo betting schemes you should choose depending on your objectives during the game
  • If you can use your preferred betting schemes in land-based or online casinos

The Most Important Sic Bo Rules for UK Players

When playing Sic Bo, aside from the basic rules, you must follow the more advanced, essential ones:

  • When you must stop placing your bets: Always finish wagering before the dice are rolled. If you wager while the dice are being rolled, you may lose your bet or be removed from the table.
  • Whether you can change your bet: You can only change your bet if the dice are not rolling. Never try to change your stake after the dice have been rolled, as this is considered disruptive gameplay by online casinos, and you may lose your place at the table.
  • How much each bet pays out: To ensure you don’t need to change your bet, become clear on how much each bet pays out before you wager.
  • If you are allowed to make specific bet combinations: Not all tables allow you to use the same Sic Bo betting schemes. Get to know the specific rules at your table to avoid misunderstandings and losses.
  • Handle wins and losses civilly: Disruptive and offensive behaviour may cost you your access to the game and, in severe cases, even your access to your online casino player account.

Sic Bo Rules Based on Game Variation

Different game variations may imply different rules, so make sure you are staking according to the variant you are playing. These are the most common variations and their distinct rules:

  • Grand Hazard: In this version, the dealer only shakes two dice, not three. This means that you can place significantly different bets than in the original version of the game.
  • Chuck-a-Luck: The rules of this variation require an automatic cage for the rolling of the dice. This means that you won’t have any interaction with a dealer, while the betting schemes remain similar to the original game.
  • Tai Sai/Dai Siu (Big-Small): The Tai Sai, also known as the Dai Siu variation, only allows you to bet on the total sum of the dice roll. So, your only betting schemes are to stake that the sum will be “big” (between 11 and 17 inclusively) or “small” (between 4 and 10 inclusively).
  • Hi-Lo Sic Bo: This is similar to the Dai Siu but may include more betting options.
  • Triple Sic Bo: The rules for this version of the game allow you to use specific triple-betting schemes. Essentially, you bet on triple number combinations for the dice rolls.

According to the research we made for our best UK list of Sic Bo casinos, you have a rough 96% chance of encountering games that allow you to use the following popular betting schemes:

The Small/Big Betting Scheme is allowed on 96.2% of variations.

This is the most popular betting scheme because it is the most straightforward strategy in Sic Bo. While simple, it also raises your odds of receiving a high win because its probability is higher than other betting schemes.

However, note that the wins are lower than in other bet types. In essence, you wager on whether the total sum of the dice roll will be “small” (4-10) or “big” (11-17). Use this scheme as your safest choice. It’s your best option if you are new at the game if you prefer a more conservative approach, or if you are playing on a small budget.

The Odd/Even Betting Scheme is the second most popular scheme.

In this betting scheme, you wager on whether the total sum of the dice roll will be an odd or even number.

We recommend that you use this betting scheme if you’ve not yet mastered the game because it is a simple option with a balanced risk-reward ratio. By using it, you have moderate odds and potential wins.

The Combination Scheme is a mix of various combination bets.

This betting scheme involves placing bets on different combinations of numbers appearing on all the dice.

For example, you can wager on a specific triple, like three 4s or on any triple, which means you bet on the outcome where all dice show the same number, regardless of which one it is.

You should use the combination scheme when you’ve become more advanced as a player because the Combination Betting Scheme offers lower odds of winning, but the potential rewards are more significant.

The Total Bets Scheme is one of the simplest options available in Sic Bo.

This scheme allows you to place a wager on the exact total sum of the three or two dice, depending on the version you are playing. Each total bet option available provides you with different winning odds, so you should use it if you have enough budget and experience. This scheme has a lower probability rate for wins, but the potential winnings are higher than with other schemes.

How to Pick a Successful Sic Bo Betting Scheme

  • Get specific on the rules before you pick your move: Before you pick a specific betting scheme, understand the rules and mechanics of the version you are playing because these have a substantial effect on the odds of each bet.
  • Pick based on odds and risk ratios: Every scheme has different odds and poses a different risk. As a beginner or a player unfamiliar with the variant you are playing, you should pick the version with the lowest risk. If you are more advanced, pick the scheme that provides the highest potential rewards.
  • Choose according to your game style: Your game style consists of the risk tolerance you have and how long you wish your sessions to be. Lower-risk betting schemes allow you to play longer, while schemes that have lower odds but higher potential winnings may prompt you to play for a shorter time.
  • Make your choice after you test several schemes: You can safely test different betting schemes in practice mode or by using very small bets. This will help you experience first-hand the scheme that works best with your style of wagering without the high risk involved.
  • Explore the simple schemes first, then progress to the more complex ones: Start with straightforward bets like Big/Small or Even/Odd. This allows you to understand the fundamentals easier, so you can explore more complex strategies. Ultimately, this teaches you how to pick the suitable scheme at the right time and mix-match them to your convenience.
  • Pick based on your budget: Before choosing your betting scheme, establish a budget you are comfortable with in order to avoid excessive losses. Divide your established budget into smaller bets to clearly see the size of your bets, then pick the scheme that works best with how much you can wager. On lower budgets, we recommend low-risk schemes like Even/Odd.

Are Online Sic Bo Betting Schemes the Same as in Land-Based Casinos?

The Sic Bo betting schemes available at the best UK online casinos we recently tested and selected are generally the same as those you find in land-based casinos. However, due to the business model of online casinos, you can usually find more variations than in land-based casinos.

The reason is simple: online casinos don’t need to pay rent or any other additional expenses and do not need to worry about limited floor space, as opposed to land-based establishments.

What You Need to Remember

Sic Bo advanced rules include:

  • Knowing when to stop placing bets and when you can change your bets
  • Understanding the odds of each betting scheme
  • Knowing the game variation and which specific bet combinations it allows
  • Handling wins and losses civilly

Different game variations may include distinct rules. You should especially be aware of this when playing:

  • Grand Hazard
  • Chuck-a-Luck
  • Tai Sai/Dai Siu
  • Hi-Lo Sic Bo
  • Triple Sic Bo

Popular betting schemes in UK online casinos include Small/Big, Odd/Even, Combination, and Total Bets schemes. Here’s all you need to remember about them:

  • The Small/Big scheme is the simplest and most popular scheme. It offers higher odds of winning, and you should choose it if you are a new player or have a small budget.
  • The Odd/Even scheme has moderate odds and potential wins, and it is also recommended for beginners.
  • The Combination scheme works best if you are an advanced player due to lower odds but higher potential rewards.
  • The Total Bets scheme has higher potential winnings than the other schemes but lower probability, so only use it if you can afford the risk.

To pick a successful betting scheme you should:

  • Consider the rules, odds and risk ratios of each scheme
  • Pick the scheme that matches your game style
  • Testing different options, starting with simple ones
  • Pick according to your budget

Online Sic Bo betting schemes are the same as those used in land-based casinos, but online casinos may offer more variations due to lower expenses and lack of space limitations.

Should we provide more details about betting schemes? Let us know your questions, or just share your experience! Your feedback is vital to us, so use our comments section to voice your thoughts.

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