How to cancel PayForIt payments for online casino deposits

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PayForIt is one of the most convenient payment service providers in the United Kingdom. It’s convenient and stress-free since you charge online payments against your mobile phone credit.

Our author, Adela Mariuta along with our editor, Adina Minculescu came up with a plan to teach you how to cancel PayForIt payments, as well as present to you the features and fees of this mobile payment method.

Cancelling policies for PayForIt

We all want to cover our payments as soon as possible time, but sometimes, we end up approving a payment with the wrong information or, worse, sending it to the wrong recipient! It’s a good thing PayForIt has a policy that covers refunds or cancellations of payments made using its direct debit service.

Under its Terms of Use, Section 5 on Refunds, a customer unsatisfied with the good or service purchased using the PayForIt account agrees to settle the issue with the service provider. The method of refund shall be determined solely by the service provider.

For example, if you’ve sent the wrong payment for council services, it’s the service provider’s responsibility to set the terms of refunds, and PayForIt is not responsible for it. So, when you use it for casino deposits or business payments, it’s the operator’s responsibility to address your request satisfactorily.

Are there any taxes for canceling a PayForIt transaction? 

PayForIt reserves the right to impose charges on the use of its service. If a fee covers your request, the operator shall notify you before finalizing the payment. Often, users are charged anywhere between 3 to 6% of the total cost.

5 Steps to Cancel Your PayForIt Deposit 

Certain service providers allow their customers to cancel their PayForIt deposits, many of them being on our list of the best mobile casinos. Let’s check out the steps you can take to cancel your transaction:

  1. Contact the PayForIt Customer Support and report the incident.
  2. Make sure to provide all details about the transaction, including the merchant’s name, the amount charged, and the mobile number of the merchant. Also, indicate the day and time of the transaction, including the cause for cancellation.
  3. If the queue call is light, the PayForIt support will initiate a three-way conversation where the company can join. But if the team is busy, you’ll be asked to contact the service provider directly.
  4. The payments processor then conducts its investigation, and after thorough checking, it may offer a refund. It may or may not honor the request, and if it does the latter, it will explain that you have already accepted the Terms of Service.
  5. If the company approves, you’ll get a refund.

What Can You Do in Case You Cannot Cancel Your PayForIt Payment?

Not all service providers or UK online casinos will refund your PayForIt payments. If you’re planning to contest the service or don’t want your card payment to go to waste, then there are other alternative options to consider. For example, if you’re canceling a casino deposit, here are a few things to do:

  • Contact the casino’s support and directly report the issue. Most UK casinos feature multiple contact options like phone, Live Chat, or online messaging so that you can choose your schedule.
  • Contact your bank where you have arranged an automatic billing arrangement so you can notify them about an incoming charge you want to dispute.
  • In extreme cases, you may want to find and work with an independent adjudication service to guide you on how to cancel PayForIt payments.

Common Reasons Players Cancel a PayForIt Deposit

There are different reasons why players opt to cancel their PayForIt deposits. In this section, we’ll explain the most popular reasons.

The participant has lost interest in continuing the activity

In case it happens, your merchant must immediately address your concern and offer a refund. If you’re a casino player, you’ll need to consider the site’s T&Cs, specifically how they handle customer refund requests.

Entered the wrong deposit amount

There are instances when players enter the wrong deposit amount, which is a rare occurrence. The effects might be disappointing for low rollers that searched on our list of minimum deposit casinos to take advantage of low deposit limits. Once the deposit transaction has pushed through, there’s no way of changing the amount indicated in the request.

Instead, players may contact the casino or service provider to cancel the request, and they can make a new one.

Used the wrong address

Some players may inadvertently send the payment to a wrong address. This rarely happens, but some players might make this mistake. Make sure to always double check the information like email address and name on the screen.

Accidentally deposited too much

Even the most careful players are guilty of depositing too much in our account number. Sometimes, we get too excited when topping our accounts, and we cannot review the request. If it happens, it’s best to inquire whether it’s possible to cancel our PayForIt invoice.

It’s always a better strategy to review our recent transactions so we can control our spending. Whether paying for our internet bill or topping up our casino accounts, it’s best to stay on top of our expenses.

Our Advice Before Cancelling Your PayForIt transaction

PayForIt is a helpful payment service provider in the UK as it provides convenience, flexibility, and better payment planning. It’s easy to register, and you can use the service to pay multiple local bills, including school fees, council and building fees, and other charges. There’s also an option to automate the billing; you let the system pay a set amount and send it to a specific address.

You can charge a bill against your mobile phone account and pay during the cut-off notice with no penalty, provided you deliver on time.

In extreme cases where you need to cancel a payment, we recommend reading first the provider’s Terms of Service. This document defines your rights as the user and the company’s responsibilities.

Here, you’ll know that the provider recommends that disputes, like cancellations, be addressed by the service provider and the user. It’s to the benefit of players, too, to review the site’s T&Cs since gambling operators have specific Cashier policies that handle payment cancellations.

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