9 Payforit Casino Scams to Be Aware Of

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Payforit is among the most requested payments in the top online casinos. However, as with any fast payment alternative, it has downsides. About 15% of British players using Payforit in online casinos were scammed in the past three years.

Scammers exploit Payforit by tricking users into running a payment via Payforit disguised as a free trial or misleading link. Users then realize they’ve been scammed into paying once they see the charge on their phone bill. Join us as we take a look at nine ways Payforit scams are carried out and how UK users can protect themselves.

No.1 Payforit Casino Scam to Be Aware of: Phishing

Phishing is a method used by scammers to disguise themselves as a reputable organization to gain users’ sensitive details. You’ve probably gotten those dodgy emails from scammers trying to trick you into clicking a certain link.

Payforit phishing can be carried out using this technique; in this case, the scammers send Payforit users fake emails or messages pretending they are Payforit. This aims to deceive users into clicking the link and sharing their login details/account information.

Always be on the lookout for errors in these messages, an unverified account or a subtle error in the spelling of the verified account name. You should also never click suspicious links or provide them with your passwords. Online casinos usually tell you the interval they will send you an email or call you. In the UK, online gambling operators will avoid sending your links to ensure you’re safety.

#2. Payforit Fake Payment Requests

Payforit system allows mobile phone users in the UK to pay for things online by adding the cost to their phone bill. This makes it convenient for scammers to send fake payment requests through the mobile app demanding money. Clicking this payment request automatically adds the charge to your mobile phone bill.

The best way to deal with this type of scam is to avoid clicking just any request from the Payforit app. Users must confirm the details of any payment request, even if it looks like a legitimate subscription, before authorizing the payment.

#3. Take Note of Payforit Malware Scams

Malware can be introduced to a device when you download apps or content generally from an unofficial or random website. Our specialists advise you to download casino apps from the official Google or Apple Store. This way, your information is safe, and the chances of getting malware are lower.

#4. Payforit Account Takeover

Fraudsters who use phishing or malware to try and gain access to your device may also use other password-guessing methods. These techniques involve using different tools to try and get your password and access your account.

To prevent this type of account compromise, users are advised to use strong passwords with all the special requirements seen on the casino platform. We also advise you to use two factor authentication if you use a casino app on Android or iOS. Monitoring your account transaction history can be helpful too.

#5. Payforit Casino QR Code Scams

Fraudsters can create fake QR codes and switch them to legitimate business QR codes. Doing this diverts all payments to them, not the business. These codes can be sent to users who are subscribed to the business and then asked to pay their bills through them.

Verify QR codes before scanning. You can visit the business to check if the QR codes are the same. You should only make payment after confirming that a QR belongs to the business you know.

#6. Be Aware of Customer Support Scams

Customer support scam is a common type of scam today. Scammers pose as legitimate businesses and pretend to help you solve your problems. These scams are run on social media or may reach out to you via message. The red flag they always have is that they ask for your account password or remote access to steal your money or personal data.

Payforit and online casinos will never request personal details, so they can help you solve an account-related complaint. If you have issues and reach out to their real support, they will ask questions to verify you are the owner then resolve the problems from their end.

#7. Fake Refund Scams You Must Avoid

Payforit scammers may contact you to inform you of a refund due to an error you qualify for. The aim is to get your attention; once you reply, they may ask you to fill out a form submitting your banking or credit card information so you can be credited.

If you do submit this information, your account gets drained of funds. Payforit will never ask you to fill out such a form. The system will automatically credit you if such an error actually occurs.

#8. Fraudulent Account Credits

Scammers may send funds or fraudulent credits to your Payforit account and then contact you to refund it. Refunding this money is dangerous and may likely get you in trouble with the law enforcement agency.

Don’t fall for this scam. Always report every suspicious or unknown credit amount to Payforit customer support for rectification or advise on what to do about the situation.

#9. Payforit Casino Sim Swapping Scam

SIM swap technique is a technique criminals use to change a user’s SIM card so that every information meant for the user goes to them. This way, they can access your apps, like Payforit, that are secure with verification codes sent to your SIM.

You should contact Payforit immediately if your SIM gets disconnected. Also, set up alternative authentication methods like authenticator platforms or recovery e-mail.

How to Avoid These Payforit Scams Like an Expert

  • Verify casino licenses before joining: Check that the licenses a Payforit casino holds are from reputable bodies like the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, or other known regulators.
  • Join casinos with secure connections: Confirm that all communications on this Payforit casino are safe and secure. The casino must use advanced encryptions to protect customer’s personal and financial details from criminals.
  • Check online player reviews about the casino: It is important to search online for information on a gambling site before joining. Read what other gamblers who have tried the site have to say about it.
  • Read casino information from independent review sites: Read online reviews from experts who use many casinos and write objective views and thoughts about the casino’s operation.
  • Always go through the bonus terms before joining: Casinos can be tempting in their offers. However, you should always check the terms in the bonus rules, such as wagering conditions, limits, and exclusions, to know what you’re getting into.

CasinoAlpha’s Conclusive Thoughts

Payforit scams are easy to fall for; you can make just one click and get charged to your phone bill. This is why you should always pay attention when making payments to avoid these UK mobile bill scams. Do not click strange links, and always vet what business you are paying for.

Payforit users are encouraged to enable “charge to bill barring” on their mobile accounts. This blocks premium charges from being added to your phone bill. Users should always report suspected scams to their network provider and the Phone-Paid Services Authority.

You should always pick safe casino sites and read their reviews to ensure they do not have safety breaches or shady third parties. Our experts recommend also reading other casino guides before opening an account if you are a new player, unaware of the multiple scams associated with online gambling.

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