The Most Attractive US President Revealed

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Our editorial team at CasinoAlpha conducted a new study aimed at revealing the most attractive US presidents since 1950. The results show Barack Obama ranks first as the most attractive president – according to science.

Our study aims to provide insights into how attractiveness may hold the potential to influence public perception of presidential leadership.

Attractiveness and Approval Rankings For All Post-1950 US Presidents

Ranking President Attractiveness Score (Out of10) Approval Rating Approval Ranking
#1 Barack Obama 6.74/10 59% 3
#2 George W. Bush 6.60/10 30% 10
#3 Bill Clinton 6.36/10 66% 1
#4 Joe Biden 6.17/10 38% 9
#5 Gerald Ford 5.69/10 53% 7
#6 George H. W. Bush 5.68/10 56% 6
#7 Jimmy Carter 5.49/10 34% 11
#8 Dwight D. Eisenhower 5.40/10 59% 4
#9 Lyndon B. Johnson 5.27 49% 8
#10 Harry S. Truman 5.24 32% 13
#11 Richard Nixon 5.12 24% 14
#12 John F. Kennedy 5.12 58% 15
#13 Ronald Reagan 5.04 63% 2
#14 Donald Trump 4.87 34% 12

How We Conducted the Study

We have undergone an analysis of the overall attractiveness of presidents who were in office post-1950, using an AI attractiveness tool to determine the beauty rate of each president.

We then ranked the scores from most attractive to least attractive.

Lastly, we identified the approval ratings for each president and ranked them to provide a comprehensive assessment of their overall public perception.

Most Attractive US Presidents Post 1950

Topping the charts for attractiveness is Barack Obama

The former president has an average rating of 6.74 out of 10.

However, when it comes to approval ratings, Obama secures the third spot with a solid 59% approval rating after leaving the office.   

Second in the attractiveness ranking is George W. Bush

He has an average score of 6.6 out of 10. Our study reveals that his approval rating after leaving office was among the lowest, at just over one-third (34%).

Bill Clinton ranks as the third most attractive president

He is currently averaging an attractiveness score of 6.36 in our chart.

In terms of approval ratings, however, Clinton ranks first in our ranking, with an impressive approval rating of 66% – almost double that of George W. Bush.  

President Joe Biden takes the fourth spot in the ranking for attractiveness

The current president registers a beauty score of 6.17 in our ranking. His current approval rating is just 38%, placing him ninth among approval ratings.  

Richard Nixon’s successor, Gerald Ford, ranks as the fifth most attractive president

He holds an average score of 5.69 in our ranking. In terms of approval ratings, however, his 53% rating places him in seventh place for voter appeal.  

Least Attractive US Presidents Since 1950

At the bottom of our attractiveness ranking is Donald Trump

The former president’s score is below-average, at 4.87 out of 10.

He also sits near the bottom of the approval rankings, claiming 12th place with a 34% rating, alongside George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan closely follows with an average attractiveness score of five in our ranking

In the approval rankings, he sits just after Clinton in second place with an impressive rating of 63%.  

John F. Kennedy trails closely behind Reagan by 0.04 points, with a score of 5.04 in our top

He is positioning him third to last in the rankings.

Prior to his assassination, Kennedy held an approval rating of 58%, landing him in the fifth spot for approval.

Fourth to last in our ranking is Richard Nixon.

He holds a beauty score of 5.12. In terms of approval, however, he ranks last with a significantly low rating of 24%.

Harry S. Truman, the 33rd US president, ranks fifth to last for attractiveness in our top.

He has an overall score of 5.24 out of 10 and a low approval rating of 32%, placing him 13th in approval rankings. 

Our Team’s Key Takeaways on Study Findings

In our analysis of post-1950 US presidents, we examined the relationship between perceived attractiveness and public approval.

While Barack Obama emerged as the most visually appealing, we found that attractiveness did not strongly correlate with current approval ratings – although this was the case at the bottom of the ranking.

Hence, we think this suggests that factors beyond appearance significantly influence public opinion.

Nonetheless, we believe that our findings provide valuable insights into the intricate dynamics of voter perception in political leadership.

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